We founded Civic Enterprise in 2003 to turn our passion for Los Angeles into projects that celebrate the City’s vibrant, eclectic neighborhoods and rich architectural heritage. 

We were given a wonderful opportunity to do just that two years ago when we discovered the Maltman Bungalows while on a drive through the Silver Lake hills.  We instantly recognized the property as one of the loveliest bungalow courts we had ever seen.  It masterfully blends independence with community, charm with efficiency, and friendliness with safety.

On our first walk up the central drive, we saw past the peeling paint and decaying windows to the magical qualities that had sustained the Bungalows since they were built in 1926.  The fabulous views, the unique detailing, the mahogany built-ins, the oak floors and the ingenious design were all there, waiting to be reawakened.

Now, with the help of Drisko Studio Architects, TGP Landscape Architects and a team of highly-skilled craftsmen, the Bungalows sparkle once again.  And thanks to the City of L.A.’s new Townhouse Ordinance, each now sits on its own single-family lot within the court,

We feel so fortunate to have been able to put our hearts and souls into the Maltman Bungalows. We sincerely hope you find them as inspiring as we do.

Thanks very much for your interest.

Best regards,

Mott Smith and Brian Albert, Principals of Civic Enterprise Development